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Lincolnshire Teaching Schools Together

Lincolnshire Teaching Schools Together



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Welcome to Lincolnshire Teaching Schools Together

Lincolnshire Teaching Schools Together (LTT) is a coalition of 8 Lincolnshire Teaching Schools committed to developing a self-improving school-led system in Lincolnshire.

Our shared vision: 

We believe that we are here to transform the lives of children and young people through our relentless pursuit of excellence in every lesson, in every classroom and in every school. In short, our vision is to see more teachers succeed with more children.

We work together to build a strong collaborative network where, as educators, we can learn together, we can innovate and develop both as teachers and as leaders, and find support that leads to better outcomes for all. Together we can speak up, and stand up for, what is right for the children and young people we serve. We know that when we stand together we stand stronger.

We are a service creator, a broker, a facilitator of partnerships that translate into a positive impact on education - a positive impact on pupils. We are champions of excellent professional development and will create opportunities for professionals at all levels to learn together.

We put our egos and personal agendas to one side, and focus on our core purpose, our vocation and our mission: to lead our children and young people, and our colleagues, to live lives that matter. 

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