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Lincolnshire Teaching Schools Together

Lincolnshire Teaching Schools Together

Local Leaders of Education (LLEs)

LLEs are experienced headteachers who coach or mentor new headteachers or headteachers whose schools are in challenging circumstances.  They work primarily one-to-one with another headteacher and typical activities include:

  • negotiating objectives for improvement
  • coaching and mentoring the headteacher to develop skills, judgement and professional effectiveness
  • supporting or arranging coaching or training for key staff in the supported school.

The following Teaching Schools have associated LLEs, use the links to access more information:


Connect TSA

Charter TSA

Inspire TSA

Keystone TSA

Kyra TSA


Learn TSA


Kyra TSA


Are you aspiring to be a Local Leader of Education?

Are you an experienced headteacher with the ability to coach and mentor?  If you think this role could be for you and wish to challenge and develop yourself by supporting other schools and the children of Lincolnshire, then come along to the briefing session we are hosting for 'Aspiring LLE's' where you can find out more.  The session is on Tuesday 7th January 2020.

Click here to book or see the flyer below for further details.

LLE Recruitment

We will be recruiting LLEs during spring 2020. 

Key Dates for LLE Recruitment

10 February 2020

Application window opens

09 March 2020

Application window closes

18 and 19 March 2020


30 March 2020

Induction Day


Eligibility Criteria

To be considered as an LLE you must:

  • be judged to be a good serving headteacher with at least three years' experience and expect to remain at your current school for at least two years after designation
  • be accountable for one or more school(s) which meet the LLE school criteria in Your School below
  • have the full support of the school's governing body and local authority or a senior educational professional
  • be able to demonstrate that you have sufficient experience of providing support as a coach or mentor to another headteacher or senior member of staff at a school other than your own
  • be able to commit to the time expectation for LLE deployment

To be considered as an LLE your current school must:

  • be judged to be good
  • show consistently high levels of pupil performance or continued improvement over the last three years and in addition be above current floor standards (as evidenced in published Department for Education data)
  • show capacity and experience of senior leaders to wok with and support other schools

If you meet the eligibility criteria above and you would like to find out more, including how to apply, please contact one of the teaching schools named below. 

Charter TSA:

Connect TSA:

Inspire TSA:

Keystone TSA:

Kyra TSA:  

Learn TSA:

LEAD Equate TSA: