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Lincolnshire Teaching Schools Together

Lincolnshire Teaching Schools Together

Recover Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire Teaching Schools Together recognise the substantial work that schools are now facing in order to ensure their pupils and students can access high quality education and can get back on track to meet curriculum expectations, achieve their individual potential, and to be ready for their next stage of education or employment.   LTT, funded by LCC, are working together to provide this ‘Recover Lincolnshire’ programme of support for schools. 

Virtual networks, access to resources and specialist support, and signposting of wider opportunities, will provide leaders and teachers across Lincolnshire with a universally accessible toolkit to help them in the months ahead.

Information on accessing the Recover Lincolnshire activity will be sent out regularly via Teaching Schools, Locality Leads and on the weekly school news bulletin.  You can also visit this page for all up to date information.  

Have you missed the Recover Lincolnshire sessions? 

You can catch up by watching the recordings - click the links to view




Thrive Network

The Thrive Network is a new seminar session for leaders for the Autumn term, exploring key themes of leadership in turbulent times and for recovery.  The Thrive Network will meet three times, virtually in small groups, and is open to all Lincolnshire Headteachers, with up to 150 places available.  Focus themes will include resilience and resourcefulness, trust and team, culture and curriculum. 

Mobilise Response

In addition to the completion of the original 2019/2020 Mobilise strands all schools will be able to access three additional areas:

  • Recovery, Reset, Re-engagement for Learning Curriculum
  • Making the most of funding for tutoring
  • Improving Literacy in Secondary Schools 

Schools will be able to access as many or as few of the Response strands as they wish.  This is regardless of existing Mobilise participation. Click here to read more

Confident Choices

The ongoing work of Confident Choices will keep secondary schools and current professional partners engaged in the framework, and strengthen the secondary/FE partnership.  Primary, special schools and alternative settings will be added into the framework, enabling support for all children 4-18. Click here to read more.

English Curriculum Recovery

Our focus will be to provide a rapid response to recover reading, a core subject area that is key to achievement and success in the wider curriculum as well as central to the new framework, and links with the work of the English Hub. We will explore how to ensure effective teaching and learning of reading to achieve progress and address the concern of widening vocabulary gap in FS, KS1 and KS2. Access to exemplification materials and moderation will be provided to support with assessment of reading and demonstrate the standards and features of pupil’s work within expected standards. An Intervention programme - KS3 / KS2 – Reading Recovery – will also be available. Click here to read more.

Maths Curriculum Recovery

The approach is to provide high quality expertise and practical support in terms of identifying and addressing gaps in learning for accelerated catch up.  The area of focus will be determined by the schools and could be KS2 specifically or any stage.  Schools, including small schools, will be signposted to high impact programmes for subject development, including those available with the Maths Hub, with easy access to online resources, help desks and specialists.  The plan will draw on the strengths of existing partners to the benefit of young people. Click here to read more.