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Lincolnshire Teaching Schools Together

Lincolnshire Teaching Schools Together

Who we are

Across the East Midlands, South Yorkshire and Humber Region, teaching schools are working together to build a sustainable impactful partnership. Locally this can be seen through the work of LTT - Lincolnshire Teaching School Together. 

LTT began in 2015 when a group of teaching school leaders in Lincolnshire began to work collaboratively. We discovered that we had so much to learn from one another, and that together we were able to offer so much more to Lincolnshire schools. You can read more about how LTT began in this blog from the National College for School Leadership

We work in partnership with the Lincolnshire Learning Partnership Board (LLPB), and the East Midlands South Yorkshire and Humber (EMSYH) Teaching Schools Alliance. Members of the LTT board have specific roles and responsibilities.  

The chair of the Lincolnshire Teaching Schools Together (LTT) is Marie-Claire Bretherton. 


The Operational contact is Lisa Yates 

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