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Lincolnshire Teaching Schools Together

Lincolnshire Teaching Schools Together

Mobilise response

In addition to the completion of the original 2019/2020 Mobilise strands all schools were given access to three additional 'Response' areas:

  • Recovery, Reset, Re-engagement for Learning Curriculum
  • Making the Most of Funding for Tutoring
  • Improving Literacy in Secondary Schools 

Schools were able to access as many or as few of the Response strands as they wished, regardless of existing Mobilise participation.

       You can find further information about Mobilise on the Mobilise website here.

      Curriculum Recovery      

      Part 1 - Reconnection followed on from the trauma-informed series of PLCs, held in the summer                   term, focusing on Barry Carpenter's 5 levers, starting with the importance of re-building relationships         and the idea of 'Rising Strong' from Sharon Gray, representing the Embark Federation. A follow-up               presentation that schools can adapt to their own context can be found here.

      Part 2 - Re-engagement took place on Tues 29th Sept.

Part 3 – Re-set has now taken place. The session focussed on assessment and feedback to support ‘lost learning’.

Resources to support the all 3 parts can be found here

Part 4 - training on Building Resilience can be viewed here

      Mobilise: Making the Most of Funding for Tutoring

       The summary of additional evidence and thoughts discussed at the Recover Lincolnshire Mobilise               PLC  on Tutoring, based on the NTP key messages is available by clicking here.

Mobilise: Improving Literacy in Secondary Schools

       A recording of the new Mobilise project aimed at improving literacy in secondary schools to support             students across all domains to access the curriculum is now available. Steve Willshaw, the newly                   appointed Research Champion outlined the evidence-base that will be drawn on throughout this 10-           PLC project to improve talk, reading and writing.

       The first virtual PLC took place on Wednesday 4th November; providers of secondary education                   are encouraged to  contact if you were unable to attend the taster         session and require the recording link.